Simryn Gill
A Small Town at the Turn of the Century #9, 1999-2000
A#: 13243

Type C photograph
Size (cm): 111w x 112h x 4.5d
Annual Rental: $990 (inc. GST, plus delivery & install)

Simryn Gill’s work has repeatedly explored repetition in domestic and social settings, highlighting the idiosyncrasies people bring to their homes and work places and in their dress and pose. 'A Small Town at The Turn of The 20th Century' is a series of photographs of residents of the small town in which Gill was raised and features them in their homes and at the local club. Where photographic portraits usually highlight the subject’s faces, Gill has chosen to obscure them with assorted fruits such oranges and bananas. The intention is not satire but an attempt to downplay the individual in favour of the generic.

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