Next week Artbank will launch its latest exhibition, The Four Letter Word, as part of its Emerging Curators program with Melbourne-based Sophia Cai as the lead curator. More than 25 works will be on display at Artbank Sydney ranging from paintings and prints to photography and video.

The exhibition examines how everyone has an individual interpretation of love based on their experiences. It also explores different kinds of love whether it be platonic, romantic, familial or self-love.

Sophia Cai has worked closely with Artbank’s experienced curators to develop the exhibition from the Artbank collection, which includes more than 10,000 works.

“I was interested in curating a show about love for a long time. I wanted to explore love in all its different expressions and also recognise the importance of love to our daily lives, as well as a fundamental part of our societal and cultural foundations,” said Sophia Cai.

Artists include Shivanjani Lal, Brendan Huntley, Anastasia Klose and Doreen Chapman whose work challenges the meaning of love and how it impacts intimacy, self-expression, vulnerability, doubt, identity, fear and desire.

“I wanted the exhibition to include diverse artists whose works deal with a range of topics including intimacy, trust, sex, romance, and family, while not being prescriptive about what their position on the topic is. In addition to works from the Artbank collection, I also invited artists Hannah Gartside and Janelle Low to be part of the exhibition,” said Sophia Cai.

“I hope audiences will find something of value that resonates with them. At a time of political uncertainty and cynicism, I also hope that an exhibition centered on love as an action or strategy could potentially be a healing space.”

There will be a range of public programs to complement the exhibition, which closes on 14 February. The opening hours will be Monday to Friday, 9am to 5pm. Keep an eye out on the Artbank website for more details.

The family friendly exhibition launch is free to attend however bookings are required:

Where: Artbank Sydney, 222 Young Street Waterloo NSW
Date: Saturday, 30 November 2019
Time: 2pm to 5pm
RSVP: via Eventbrite, email or call 1800 251 651
More information:

About Artbank
Established in 1980, Artbank is an Australian Government arts support program. The program aims to increase the sustainability and accessibility of Australian contemporary art; support Australian contemporary artists; and encourage engagement with Australian contemporary art by the broader community. The Artbank collection includes more than 10,000 artworks across a range of mediums including painting, video, photography and sculpture. The artworks can be accessed through Artbank’s unique art leasing program which is available to organisations and individuals.

About the Emerging Curators Program
The Emerging Curator program began in 2018 and helps emerging curators to gain experience within a professional institutional environment and work with Artbank’s impressive collection of contemporary Australian art. The other recipients, Sabrina Baker and Anja Loughhead will develop their exhibition which will open in 2020.

Portrait of Sophia Cai by Pia Johnson, 2017.

Portrait of Sophia Cai by Pia Johnson, 2017

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