Grey Matter

Curated by Mark Feary

Drawing exclusively from the Artbank collection, Grey Matter takes as its formative logic the relationship between the gallery, the adjoining collection storage facility and the dispersal of that collection into domestic and corporate environments. The project assembles a selection of works rendered within the broad spectrum between black and white, focussing on artists working with and within restrained palettes. These works consider the representation of binaries, be they concerned with questions of light and dark, political opposition, ethics or morality, while other works reflect upon the ambiguities of the grey area.

Paddy Guwumji Bedford, Charles Blackman, Pat Brassington, Sarah Contos, Zoe Croggon, Tony Garifalakis, Christopher Hanrahan, Robert Hunter, Paul Knight, Gabriella & Silvana Mangano, Linda Marrinon, Rob McLeish, Nigel Milsom, Kate Mitchell, Pirrmangka Reid Napanangka, John Nixon, Mike Parr, Scott Redford, Caroline Rothwell, Soda_Jerk, Justin Trendall, Heidi Yardley.

Artbank Gallery
222 Young Street Waterloo NSW 2011
Tuesday – Friday 10am – 5pm


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