A Place for Everything

Artbank Melbourne
18-24 Down Street Collingwood, VIC
12 December 2019 to 21 February 2020
Wednesday to Friday 11am to 4pm

The Artbank Melbourne registration team is giving the public an opportunity to take a sneak peek at artworks housed in Collingwood for its first collection based exhibition. Drawing from its geographical location, A Place for Everything is an exhibition which showcases works by Melbourne based artists.

The framework of the exhibition stems from a discussion around the physical nature of collection storage – where everything has a place – and Artbank as a program which leases artworks to clients for display in public and private spaces.

Through the lens of collections management professionals whose day-to-day is the care, movement and storage of artwork, this exhibition provides an opportunity to showcase works that can’t always be on display in the collection store. Establishing a formal dialogue between these works within an exhibition context allows relationships to form organically between older and more recent acquisitions.

Featured artists

Benjamin Armstrong, Stephen Benwell, Destiny Deacon, Emily Floyd, Michael Georgetti, Elizabeth Gower, Brent Harris, Matt Hinkley, Elizabeth Newman, Rose Nolan, Simone Slee, Adam Stone, Charlie Sofo, Kathy Temin and Nat Thomas.


More information

Phone: 1800 251 651
Email: enquiries@artbank.gov.au

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